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It has been half a year since i have posted a blog!!! How i neglected stock rocker. But i'm back and hopefully for the long haul (haha). In my last post the main function i had to my website was a comment box. Well it turns out i need more security and it was getting spammed to a tea. I had 7000 rows in that database. Oh well i will hopefully sort that soon. Since my last post not much how changed on my website except for a cool little slider. Also this is the first time (hopefully) i'm writing my blog through an internet form. Hopefully now my blogs will be in a database and the pages will just retrieve them using php. Quite handy eh? Hopefully that will cut out the mistakes and my grammar will be a little better. More to come in my website becoming a bit more streamline and efficient (i hope this reaches my home page and i don't get spammed).

Right it is that for DUN DUN DUN......... Song Of The Week. Now before my big announcement i must say since my last post i have listened to a lot of music. Every month i buy about 10 albums and give them all a listen. I pick a band and then try over time buy all their albums. I have done it with bands such Green Day, Nirvana, The Hives and Sex Pistols (they only had one). I must say there are some cracking records in there. I was in a charity shop one day and the saw an album and i have been hooked listening to it ever since. So the song i have chosen is Alanis Morissette - All I Really Want. Great tune and the album Jagged Little Pill is all killer and very little filler.

So what is this weeks, months or years blog going to be about?? The answer is i do not know. The thing i am enjoying most lately is playing darts! Yes darts. It is very relaxing and hitting the right double to finish is like winning a trophy each time. The satisfaction is incredible. I have not got that much better since i started playing around christmas 2013 but still it is so fun. I do not even play real people, i have an app on the phone which i play the computer with but still i feel competitive against it. I have even spent money on buying some darts that i want to customise so i can call my self Dave "The Danger Rocket" Rees. Although i am not that dangerous nor am i much like a rocket, well except when i try to through the darts at the board really hard. But i think it is a nice ring to it and a slight nod to Breaking Bad series. You think i am in danger?? No I AM THE DANGER!!! Great line.

Now before i disappear for another year. My previous blogs i was uploading tracks that i was recording so here is another. This is a very poorly mixed version of a Black Keys song call "Your Touch". I heard this when i saw them live and then brought the album it was on Magic Potion. They do it live incredibly well. I need to fix my media player that does not work anymore but click here and here it is... Hope it'll load in a new page (touch wood).

Whay!! Reached the end, so i am looking to work on the site a bit more from here on it so don't worry fans. Hopefully this works and if it does my next blog will hopefully be in the near future and not 7 months like last time.

Keep rocking in the free world.

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